My name is Enos Sopacuaperu. I am a digital nomad and solopreneur.

First of all, let me confirm something about my photos. I always use my own avatar creation as my profile picture. Why do I do this? I prefer to remain anonymous in public for the time being. I would rather be known for my works and creations than for my appearance. Of course, I am a real human, without any doubt. ✅

I have been doing freelance work since 2018 and I make it my full-time path in 2023 (now I begin as a digital nomad and solopreneur). That's why I built this website as a platform to create, share, and help more people online. 👍

I am passionate about art, creativity, technology, music, and self-development. So my works will be more dominant in the field of digital art, digital products, tools, and various things that can assist people in making the process easier and more productive, ultimately helping them become the best version of themselves - this includes me as the creator.

As the beginning of my journey, I am creating Notion templates, coloring page, sticker design and doing commission works to create digital art such as illustration, custom avatar, and others. ⚙️

My final goal in pursuing this path (as digital nomad and solopreneur) is to become more independent with the authority and ability to choose my own life and inspiring people (even give positive impact for the world 🌤️) with my works and creation.

Therefore, if you find me and love my works, please support me in this journey by connecting with me and using my creation. I would be very grateful for that. ❤️

Cheers! 🍻



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